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Emotional Night at Orlando - Kellyaga

Posted on February 2, 2008 at 07:32:39 AM by J

To see all the comments on Kellyaga below is evidence on how great a person he was and the impression he left on so many. Unbelievable response but not surprising.

Kellyaga crossed paths and impacted well more than half the players on Orlando's roster. And for that, what I believe to be a first for a fan, the entire roster with Francisco Elorriaga before Game 8, parading to center court. With the players cestas raised high, a moment of silence for Dave "Thee Kellyaga" Kelly. Then a round of applause for him.

Very emotional to see Danny running out Game 1 for Kellyaga.
Pancho winning Game 2 and upon winning, taking a knee on the court and looking to the heavens. Tommy winning Game 3 and upon winning, pointing to Kellyaga in heaven.

Kellyaga, one of a kind and irreplaceable.


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