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Genuine Friends

Posted on February 3, 2008 at 07:55:44 PM by Scott & Julie Zerbe

I feel very blessed to have a friend as geniune as Dave Kelly. These days, few people can boast that they have a true friendship much less one that dates back to the 1970's. I will always remember the days in King of Prussia, Devon, Ardmore and the shore. Dave had an infectious energy level and always found away to inject humor into any conversation. He was never short on connections anywhere we went. This was due to how well he treated and respected people.

Dave and Jettie came to Raleigh to attended our daughters wedding in July and we saw first hand the joy he was experiencing since meeting Jettie. My wife Julie spoke to Dave on Thursday for over an hour and he expressed how excited he was to have met Jettie.

Several years ago Julie and I visited Dave in Cocoa and again at Jai Lai in Orlando. It was very obvious that Dave developed a great set of friends and was really enjoying his business.

I,Julie,met Dave 26 years ago while dating Scott and realized at once that these were true friends. He and Steve and Scott were the three musketeers, and when Scott and I got married they were the two who joined us on our wedding night to help us celebrate. Our boys and our daughter loved these two and have always called them uncle, but Dave was "Uncle Dave Sickelmonster". It's a long story and one we will talk and laugh about forever. They loved him and he loved them!

I am so happy that Dave found true love with Jettie. We have talked many times over the last few months and it was wonderful to hear the hapiness in his voice. I would say to him, "so Dave how are you" and he would reply,"I'm in love!" Oh the joy in his voice! What more can I say but that he will be sorely missed and will remain forever in our hearts. We love you Dave!

Our thoughts and prayers are with Dave's family, friends and especially Jettie. God will sustain us all.

Scot and Julie

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