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My Cousin David Kelly

Posted on February 5, 2008 at 09:59:42 PM by Charles D. Bruce

David Kelly was my first cousin (my mother's brother's son). Everyone in the family had just seen him last Decemeber at our Aunt's and Uncle's 50th wedding anniversary. It was great to see him and meet his fiance. He was so cheerful and glad to see everyone - and it was great to see him. It is such a terrible loss that he is gone. Our family is devastated.

David was one of a kind with a truly unique and interesting perspective on all things... and always with a smile and that crazy laugh of his. That's how I'll remember him. I regret I never had the opportunity to see him play Jai-Alai. When we saw him in December, he had offered to let us stay at his home so we could do Disney World affordably - I'm sure he would have insisted that we see him play Jai-Alai. Sadly, it will never be.

The world is a sadder place without David Kelly in it. He will be missed by all.

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