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Re(6): Thee Kellyaga

Posted on February 2, 2008 at 09:20:57 AM by SPANKY

Wow, I am still in shock reading all the posts and it still doesnt seem real. My only big regret now is I didnt have more too say too him this year than "there gos THEE"! He jus smiled and waved and said Spanky I knew you wouldnt miss this, I said nope and that is all I got too say too him....boy if I could go back too last saturday I would sit and chat and lay everything that happened all this yr out too him.But he had so many others there would also wanted too chat and share with him I jus kindda let him be. I met Dave mny yrs ago @ Orlando and in Ocala.What a great guy and the passion he has for this sport is unsurpassed,he will be greatly missed and I promise u THEE I shall never forget u and I know u will be lookin down on all of us and all the players u loved so deeply and will down what you can up in heaven too make sure many will have a chance too see/enjoy the game you loved so much!!! R.I.P THEE .....U ARE GONE BUT NEVER SHALL U BE FORGOTTEN!


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