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Re(12): Thee Kellyaga

Posted on February 3, 2008 at 02:39:27 AM by Factor X

I am shocked to learn of the death of Kellyaga. I only knew
of him from the message boards until I met him at the
opening night of Hamilton Jai-alai. I was introduced to him
by Bill of Jai-Alai USA who I first met that night also.
Myself, Jody C , Bill, Kellyaga and a few others sat
together for part of that night.

I had no idea that he was Thee Kellyaga. At that time I
only knew him as Kellyaga. But since that opening night
and from reading all the tributes to Kellyaga I have come
to know that he was truly "Thee". He surely was the world's
most famous amateur jai-alai player and the jai-alai
world's #1 fan

This is the longest thread I have ever seen on this board
and these have been the most tributes I have
ever seen for anyone on any message board for that matter.

Rest in Peace.


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