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Kellyaga and the Appliance Box

Posted on February 1, 2008 at 06:31:26 PM by Jody C.

I spent the Citrus weekend at Hotel Kellyaga, as I called it. Such a gracious man, and always had a plac for me to stay coming down from Connecticut. I met Thee, quite a few years ago through a mutuel friend of ours, who Im sure would prefer to remain nameless. My friend said say you must meet Thee Kellyaga. He was wearing his celebration suit just like the photo above. Ive spent many hours with him at the frontons, what a laugh and wit he had. He was so looking forward to his new life, or one that would share with his jai alai life. Spoke of it in great detail with me just a week ago.

Sounds a bit corny but my wife asked him to fly up for my 40th birthday party a year ago..he was dressed in full jai alai garb as he burst out an Appliance box! Ill forward to Tiger if he chooses to post it.

Ive only had a hour of 2 to think about this. But trips to Orlando wont be the same without Thee Kellyaga!

His new bride to be in 2 months, is in my prayers,,,


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