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More on Milford's 'Fast Fridays'

Posted on April 18, 2007 at 11:09:22 AM by Tiger



----Armed with a radar gun, Badiola will determine who has the fastest shot on the Milford roster at a special non-betting program open to adults and kids this Tuesday night.
----According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the fastest velocity of a thrown ball ever electronically measured was 188 mph by Jose Ramon Arieto, a pedestrian player at Newport Jai-Alai in Rhode Island on August 3rd, 1979.
----Here's a ranking of the eleven players in Tuesday evening's 'Fastest Shot' competition:
HOEY: The 6'3", 220 pound Stratford native was clocked at 174 in a Friday night test. The backman is 26-years-old.
ARRIETA: Early on, many thought the now 28-year-old Markina, Spain native, listed at 5'10", 180, would eventually blow out his arm because of his tendency to always throw as hard as possible. The defending wins champion ripped-off a 144 mph rebote in the seventh game singles over the weekend.
ARZUBIA: 5'8", 175 pounds. The 24-year-old early gamer, who hails from Manaria, Spain, may just be the roster's most powerful frontcourtman.
XABAT: Standing at 5'11" and weighing 160, the 29-year-old Bolivar, Spain native gets surprising strength out of the second most slender frame in this group.
JORGE: The former frontman is one of the best at going over the top. The 36-year-old Markina, Spain product is 5'9", 200.
MACE: Heaviest player on the roster at 6', 230. The 31-year-old Milford native has perfect-served his way to early game singles wins.
GUISASOLA: A sleeper pick included in the line-up at the suggestion of Badiola. The 29-year-old Echevarria, Spain native is 6', 190.
RAUL: One of the most athletic players at Milford at 5'10", 180. The 34-year-old Motriku, Spain native was discovered by former Bridgeport legend Francisco Churruca while rowing in the Basque Country of Spain.
RUBEN: The youngest participant at 19. The Aizarnazabal, Spain product is a solid 5'8", 170.
ARITZ: The 23-year-old backman, from Berriatua, Spain is still developing physically at 5'11" and 180. However, most of his strength comes from his left side.
TEVIN: The Bridgeport native is a chiseled 6'1", 160. The 29-year-old frontcourt star has a world class rebote, but his forehand is the weakest part of his game.
WAYNE: Had it not been for an ankle injury that has him sidelined for the next couple of weeks, the 26-year-old backman and Portsmouth, Rhode Island native would've been one of the favorites.
----Tuesday evening's program, which kicks-off at 6:30, will honor recent retirees and long-time fan favorites Zabala and Badiola. There will also be professional and amateur exhibition games and Whack the Wall contests for children 14 and under.
----"This is going to be very special for me," admitted Badiola. "It's not something the fronton does for every player who retires."


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