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Re(2): Bolivar and World Jai Alai

Posted on September 3, 2009 at 08:24:14 PM by rebote

Great post Randy...good memories....I started watching in the mid 70's...remember you well...only simple name on the program...names were very Basque back then. How about your thoughts on a couple of players...not looking for any dirt....just skill thoughts. Salazar II and Javier. Salazar had a little unusual style but seemed to give a big effort. Javier had such a classic style...gave a quite but fierce effort for a smaller back...had a couple of great years in Orlando with the high roof. Both of these guys seemed to under the radar of the big powerful name guys. Many of todays players have poor form....catch right on the left..change direction...etc...never allowed years ago. The 70's seem as far back as the dinoseur days...so looong ago

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