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Re(4): Bolivar and World Jai Alai

Posted on September 3, 2009 at 10:29:42 PM by CTguy

Thanks to all for their great replies. I didn't see enough of Joey when he played in Hartford and was too young to really appreciate him. By the time I could get back in again (at 16 passing for 18), Hartford was no longer part of World Jai Alai, but I'll take everyone's word on how great he was.

But I saw a lot of Bolivar and Cachin and I definitely think Cachin was in Boli's league (and therefore would be in ANYONE'S league). As far as him not winning tournaments, I know he won two world championships after age 40, and I think he beat Bolivar in the final in 1980. I know he beat Bolivar for the wins title one year in Bridgeport, which I think is the only time anyone ever beat Bolivar when Boli played a full schedule.

That Hartford 84-88 roster was amazing. They had even added Inclan and Elorza in the Milford offseason. Those were the days.

Randy, thanks for the great post about the great atmosphere at Tampa. It's nice to hear there was such great camaraderie not only between individual players but between the players and the manager, at least at one fronton.


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