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Re(1): Bolivar and World Jai Alai

Posted on September 2, 2009 at 11:51:32 PM by pelotapete

like i had posted weeks ago, the feeling back then was that the great bolivar was ducking the real talent. now i myself do not think bolivar had to dodge anybody..he was the real deal.... i just think bolivar did not feel that he had to prove anything to anybody...he let his stats speak for him...when he was in his prime,,well,,he was the man.. when he was in bridgeport he had a real challenge by cachin...now i beleave that cachin was a very good player..

but he was no joey or michelena, or asis, or arra !!!! they were all much better than cachin...cachin seem to never win any tournaments...so for bolivar to have a hard time winning more games than cachin, well that i think took a little shine off the apple..i just wonder what the stats would have been if lets say joey or michelena had played at tampa, and bolivar played at miami.. hmmmm !!!

and to this day, i will never forget buddy berenson offering $15,000 singles match between bolivar and remen..

and bolivar turnning it down..berenson even offered to pay for bolivars airfare and room and board...$15,000 winner take all !!!!


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