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Re(1): Bolivar and World Jai Alai

Posted on September 3, 2009 at 06:13:47 AM by David II

That question has been asked for a long time. I can only speculate that Bolivar was the drawing card in Tampa. Tampa frontcourters were excellent, but definitely were not of the Miami caliber. Joey was the number 1 front courter in Doubles, he did win a couple of single championships, but Asis was the king of singles. When Joey took most wins or Doubles Champion, it wasnt usually by a whole lot. Point being his competition was Asis, Remen, Juaristi, Uriarte, Alberdi, Zulaica, Mendi, Arriaga etc. Bolivar took all titles in Tampa, he won the Triple crown, against Pablo, Echeva, Aramayo II, Elorrio, Ruffino, so you have to draw your own conclusions.

Here are some facts though....

All of these top players did play on the same roster in Hartford. It's very interesting when you look at the stats for those seasons.

Bolivar won the inaugural Tournament of Champions beating Alberdi and Javier.

The following year, Joey and Marcoida beat Bolivar and Arambarri pretty easily in 3 straight partidos

Bolivar did go on to win several NAJF Tournamants, sadly though, those tournamants never featured the all of the games top players as each fronton had 1-2 teams that would represent their and the sister fronton. During those NAJF days, Miami's late games were better overall caliber than the field of those tournamants with up and coming superstars on the horizon, However, Hartford was hands the best roster in those days and although they did not have Bolivar or Joey on their roster, they overall roster was still top banana in the US.

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