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Hamilton thoughts

Posted on January 26, 2007 at 09:17:19 PM by Jody C.

Went to Hamilton on the Sunday after the Citrus,,, we were the only ones in the crowd, but there were a few others betting. Good play for what it is, the players tried anyway.

They do play the march as the players go out, but they cut it off as soon as they salute. I yelled out "keep the music going till they get to the cage!"

There were a few guys in the announcers booth,, but they DIDNT ANNOUNCE! You say well, no one was there, but I was, still nothing at all. So I announced a bit. The players thought it was funny as I said "Receiving out of post 2 is Moreno, and serving out of post 1 we have Juan Leon." No announcing at the end of the game with the prices or refunds either.
It was like a practice.

I yelled to Chaz "Milford Jai alai" and he said that was a long time ago! A few others laughed and knodded to the Newport references.

A beautiful little building, that is being wasted. Sixth game started at 1:45, only 45 minutes into the performance. Mr. Richards should be ashamed to bastardize the sport this way. But some would say hes a business man doing this the least expensive way he can. Well, Mr. Pita anyway should be ashamed for the 105,000 first month handle going to 2,500 a month handle it is now. Some would say hes doing what Richards tells him to do, but being a former player with pride of the game, how can he do this?

The jai alai can be a business pawn in Mr. Richards grand scheme of things to get slots or just to run the simulcast or poker,,,, but it doesnt have to be this bad, no way anyone can convince me of that.

Visited Ocala on the way back, if Dale Popp use to draw 1000 in on a Wednesday night, then no reason that Pita/Richards cant draw 10 people into their fronton in the middle of nowhere also.


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