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I want your opinion Steph

Posted on January 28, 2007 at 05:58:09 PM by Douglas

I know how you feel about Pita and that surprises me and the rest of the jai alai community. I believe you have blinders on. I will tell you that jai alai isn't long for Hamilton so don't get comfortable going.

But I wanted to get your opinion on some of the players that have played there. Lets start with a backcourter named Elizalde. I'm sure you've watched him play. I think he is extremely lazy and acts like he doesn't care what happens next. I feel there are so many more entertaining backcourters out there to watch. My opinion is that with his lazy attitude and lack of intestnal fortitude, he will have an extremely hard time making any kind of boleto in Miami.

I would call Elizalde the antithesis of say, Conrado, a player that works like Hell, CARES, and is a generally good guy.

What are your thoughts about Elizalde?


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