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Posted on January 28, 2007 at 06:51:20 PM by stefanie

i would say that he is one of the best young players out there, as evidenced by the fact that a couple years ago he played in dania and is now on his way to miami when the orlando seasons ends. sure, he has his ups and downs like anyone else, but to call him lazy and careless is laughable. in general, i would say he is one of the strongest, most consistent players i have seen with much promise for the future. he catches well, throws hard, runs fast... what more do you need? he has made some of the best catches i have seen. also, i have watched him countless times carry a weaker front courter through a game to come out with a win. additionally, i have watched him run from the back wall to the front wall trying to pick up the slack for someone else with positive results time after time. i don't think you could be more wrong.

by saying conrado is a good guy and elizalde is his antithesis sounds like you are trying to say elizalde is not a good guy, which is the epitome of ridiculous.

i think he will fit in well in miami after the period of adjustment any player would need.

im not sure who you are, but obviously, you seem to know who i am, so i apologize if you are upset by my opinions, but why don't you try to NOT take it to a place it doesn't need to go?

lastly, i think you are wrong about the duration of jai alai in jasper. as long as they want poker, there will be jai alai, and i dont think they are wanting to get rid of that.

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