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Posted on January 27, 2007 at 06:50:01 PM by Jody C.

Why the bitterness towards Hamilton

Sam Im not bitter at all, I did make the trip up there didnt I? My point is that Dale Popp makes the effort to do some PR, he didnt decide to lower the performances.

. Do you think that if Hamilton would only have to open for 45 performances they still would not have double games?

If the season was only 45 performances they couldnt field a roster to play doubles.

You were there weren't you?


Why didn't YOU ask questions to management before making assumptions without facts.

I have asked questions to Mr. Richards on more than one occasion, He told me that they were planning to simulcast to the North. Also, the statement regarding having a tournament 3 months after they opened, and getting ESPN in there, were his words not mine.

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