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Re(4): The bottom line is this...

Posted on January 28, 2007 at 06:10:25 AM by Night Stalker

Ask Dania if it's worth it, those 4 cent Connecticut dollars are almost worthless. The 10 or so cent Florida dollars are a little better, but the system will never change...you have to have many many many 25+ cent LIVE dollars to compete (ask Newport). Let's all remember that MILFORD had the highest total handle and best simulcast revenue, by far, of any of the simulcasted jai-alai's and they're demolished.

Think about this. The Citrus did 90K for the evening, while Dania probably did around 100K TOTAL (35 or less live). Orlando made around 24K for their performance while Dania out handled them but made around 15K for the same performance (before expenses). Dania is paying many more players and employees, and this shows the weakness of having a simulcast loaded handle. Live dollars are ESSENTIAL to making it.


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