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whoa buddy

Posted on January 27, 2007 at 10:30:57 PM by stefanie

first of all, i would be careful with the personal attacks on pita. he is a very well respected and uber-respectable man. every time i go to hamilton he makes a point to come and talk about what the latest plan is and express both his concern for the fronton but also where it has the potential to go.

as far as frank being the chef, that was something that he took on willingly. he is a formally trained chef, and when the opportunity arose, he grabbed it. that has nothing to do with desperate measures.

what's wrong with using people for more than one purpose anyway? if jaime wants to fix a basket, who cares? if frank wants to use his training as a chef on weekends, who cares? that has less than nothing to do with jai alai. it doesn't affect the fronton, and it certainly shows nothing negative about pita's management style.

i think neither pita nor raph need to worry about job security, as they have been in the jai alai world longer than i have probably even been alive.

clearly there are more than a few things you are unaware of... for example, the reason the hamilton jai alai is not simulcasted. i dont blame you for not knowing things, but i do blame you for broadcasting your opinions in a wholly inappropriate and aggressive way. you don't know what you don't know... i understand that.

my suggestion for anyone who has anything nasty (or even less than complimentary for that matter) to say about pita or the way hamilton jai alai is run is that you go there and talk to pita. i'm sure it would be an enlightening experience for anyone, except for those of you who know everything, which seems to be the vast majority.


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