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i like deserted islands

Posted on January 28, 2007 at 02:45:10 PM by stefanie

i will gladly live alone on the deserted island of 'pro-hamilton jai alai/pro-carlos pita', but i know that, in fact, i am not alone.

i wonder how it is that you seem to know so much about pita's capabilities as a manager. i wonder how it is that you have determined pita has turned his back on jai alai. i wonder how it is that you know he has done nothing to enhance jai alai. like i said in my previous posts, you don't know what you don't know, and i do not hold you accountable for your ignorance. (and before we get all blustery, allow me to remind you ignorant and stupid are not the same. ignorant means lacking knowledge.)

maybe the reason no one besides alexis and myself are willing to speak up on hamilton/pita's behalf is because it is a losing battle. you know it all. you see what pita thinks. you see what he does. you are the omniscient king of jai alai, who wants to claim he is a fan all the while bashing the future of your beloved sport. think what you want...

just to be clear, however, your condescension wasn't lost on me, but i am not one for personal attacks on people i don't know. maybe you should follow my lead.


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