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Posted on January 27, 2007 at 05:25:39 PM by Jody C.

Hamilton is lucky to have you as a fan.

I dont buy into youre opinion though, if Ocala can have 1000 people on a Wednesday evening, why can Hamilton have 10 in the audience. Because its mismanaged, sorry to say, Mr. Richards told me and others on more than one occasion about sending out there signal to the North, where people I think would bet, at least when it was doubles. He spoke of tournaments and ESPN in the same sentence so Im told. He gave up real fast on the jai alai portion of his business, its very easy to see that. If he had all the resources to build a fronton, a poker room, a Quarter Horse facility in the future, he could have thrown a more at the jai alai.

As far as Valdosta, and Lake City not knowing about Jai Alai,,,,maybe so, but when they opened the Frontons in the North in the mid 70's, and they came to see what its about.

The numbers dont lie, and the unkept promises are there, ask fan, or better yet management at any of the other frontons what there opinion is of Hamilton,,,,


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