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Re(2): Danny Retiring

Posted on August 30, 2007 at 11:43:08 PM by Randy

Goitiz, I hold you in the same highest respect for the years you have attributed to this great sport. I owe you my apologies for not having my memory clear when I saw you at Ocala 2 seasons ago. You came up to me and with the greatest respect you saluted me as if we had played together the night before when in reality it had been since the 80's in Ft. Pierce. I hold you in such a high regard for giving me such respect and commendation. I later went back and looked at old programs of Ft. Pierce and Ocala and saw my favorite backcourt partner 'Goiti'...I hope your teatment towards me reflects the way I respected all my partners whether they were veterans or up and coming young pelotaris like yourself. Remember that I truly respected all of my partners because that is the only way to nurse the best play out of them. Besides I could drop the ball just as good as my partner could so who was I to get down on anybody. Thank you for the memories. Hope to see you soon. Like Danny, you are a shining light to the upcoming future of all young pelotaris of not only today, but legend.

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