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Re(1): Danny Retiring

Posted on August 31, 2007 at 10:19:45 AM by Tiger

Wow! Happy, and sad, at the same time,

What a wonderful career you've had, Danny. You started playing in 1976, just before I started following the game. So, you've always been there - in my newspaper, on the cancha, on my computer. It makes it kinda hard to say good-bye. Is it possible you are the all-time games played leader? Or, maybe Chimela has a few on you.

I'm flattered that you chose to make your announcement here - we get so few pro posters - and the response so far has to be very gratifying for you.

You made one comment (about Ft Pierce) that made me wonder if, perhaps, you weren't planning to return to your homeland. If you can be active in setting up or assisting amateur programs like Benny and Jeff Conway are doing (and Mr, Elorri, of course), that would be terrific.

Anyway, best of health and happiness in your retirement, and thanks for your many years of service to the sport, a career that should make you extremely proud, just as it has brought so much enjoyment to jai-alai fans (ME, in particular).


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