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Re(2): Danny Retiring

Posted on August 31, 2007 at 09:25:24 PM by Overserve

I believe that Danny was the last of the 1976 Hartford roster still playing - I guess I'm one of the only people on the board who actually saw Danny that year. And now I've watched his last game on the internet. My only regret is that my dad, who was one Danny's biggest fans, was not around to share it.

Its funny to me that he is now associated with #23, I always remember Danny as #27 in the early Hartford years.

Just think of all the players Danny has played with through the years - from Barturen to Inza and everyone in between.

Of course the real sad thing is that Danny was, I believe, the last active player who is the same age (to the month) as me, so I guess I'm officially old now - may we both have many years to remember the good times.

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