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Re(6): Best players never to play in the USA?

Posted on July 3, 2007 at 06:48:25 AM by Northwestern boat

I realy don't know. I knew about him passing away because of a newspaper article that came out when it hapened. Also i did not know about their fronton. I practiced in the following places, Elorduy's, Inclans, Mexico jai alai, Mundet, Mixcoac, Club Espana, and Xalostoc. But i never heard about Hamuis fronton,but if you say they had one, i beleive you. That may be because i am from a different time [i was born in 1969] so maybe it was close by the time i started practicing,or maybe it wasn't open to the amateurs. And about Acapulcos jai alai it was a very true court, in my opinion it was exactly like Miami but with a higher roof [and a much beter neighborhood].


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