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Re(3): Best players never to play in the USA?

Posted on July 2, 2007 at 08:38:31 PM by 4decadepro

The Hamui brothers were legends at the International and Amateur Tournaments starting in the 50's. Backcourter Jose was a steady catching machine and frontcourter Moises had a right side overhand picada that might have rivaled Asis to name one example. According to our predecessors in the 1966 games of Montevideo Uruguay the brother team easily breezed through to the championship. My partner George Tinkham and I have the distinct misfortune of playing against them during the last 40 point partido they ever played together. Due to our team's inexperience, they figured it would be their chance for their last hurrah. Due to the incredible serve (never seen before as stated by Piston) Moises and Jose were ahead at one point 26-10...but Moises being overweight starting tiring and we started figuring out what to do. It was about 95 degrees, raining and humid as hell in Acapulco that night. (Big wash buckets were on top of the overhead screen to catch the rain from the leaky roof). They still won 40-33 but they knew it would have been trouble if it went to 50 pts. Oh well, it was a great experience...learning how to come back and sometimes lose...sometimes win.


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