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Re(1): Best players never to play in the USA?

Posted on July 1, 2007 at 11:05:44 PM by 4decadepro

Two players from Spain come to mind. Luis should know of them. Eduardo & José María Mirapeix were brothers who represented and won many international competitions for Spain. I believe they were both studying to be doctors but could easily have played pro in the U.S. When I played against them there was also Jose and Moises Hamui...brothers who were past their prime when I played against them but as Piston told me...in all his years he had never seen anyone serve like Moises Hamui. He served from the inside..a picada that hugged the side wall and made it almost impossible to pick off. Also on the Mexican team was Pedro Lanzagorta and Alejandro Andrade...all could have played pro in their prime...but were successful business men in Mexico and sponsored themselves through many a campeonato for many tournaments. Also on the French team was Gabriel Borra & Pierre Fourneau. Both of their teammates turned pro (Pierre Etcheverry & Camy in Miami)...also the Spain teammates both turned pro (Gonzalo Beascoechea as Guernica II in Miami and Ramon Arrien (Dania).


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