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Posted on July 4, 2007 at 11:26:20 AM by 4decadepro

I played with Santiago Chicuri in Miami. He was definitely one of the top backcourters. I played in Fronton Mexico when I lived there in summer of 1970. He loaned me $200 and maybe he came back to Miami for one more season just to make sure I paid him back! LOL It seemed his heart wasn't into playing at Miami. He left after 2-3 seasons and returned to Mexico. He was a renowned opera singer I'm sure you know.

Whatever happened to him? Do you know? Which Espitia do you know? Older or younger...I played with Espitia II. We were good friends. During the day and at the fronton he didn't talk. At night, he would get drunk and start getting violent. He would start hitting me but he wasn't strong enough to hurt. Romo and I would die laughing watching him fall all over the place yelling pinche puto..ti mato!! Sadly I heard he became a reclusive alcoholic and nobody ever saw him again...


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