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Posted on July 4, 2007 at 06:22:27 PM by Northwestern boat

The Espitia i know was the older one, he played in Tampa for a season or two, after reading your post i'm happy to tell you that i don't know the youngest one. About Santiago when he retired he received a loan from the owner [Cossio] of mexico jai alai,and he opened a bussines [autoparts], and for what people say he made alot of money. I remember one time he had a dinner party and he invited a bunch of players including myself to his house, [a very nice one], and the inevitable happened, he started playing some cd's of him singing. i don't know wether he sang good or bad, because i don't know much about that music, well.... i have to be honest, opera kicks my ass. Also when we talked jai alai, he made it sound as if he was the greatest backcourt ever. Still he was nice enouf to invite me to his house,and we all had a great time. I remember Felix and Goitia being there. Goodby from the Bering sea.