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Re(1): Hey, Jim

Posted on March 6, 2007 at 03:29:55 PM by Jim

Hey there, JS. Thanks so much...I'm glad you like the reports

Before anyone slams me, let me state...this is MY OPINION...so...

As far as Miami being a slower court, I believe the reason is two-fold: First, it's a slower court (lol), possibly due to the make-up and construction of the court and materials utilized. And second, I believe a slower pelota is used. You can see the results in the play. Forehand picada attempts bounce a few feet lower than at Orlando or Dania, so you have less cold winners on that. It's not just picadas, but really, all the shots...the pelota bounces lower. Because the pelota travels a littl slower, it's easier to get to, and harder to throw cold winners. They get tracked down a lot more at Miami than anywhere else, probably.

As a result, you get points lasting 30, 40 or more catches, daily, not to mention the talent of the roster, plus the fact those players are used to long points as a result of the court and the pelota.

This would be a great question to BENNY. He knows the court and pelotas or to any current Miami player. Any takers???


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