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Re(5): Whats' your funniest Jai alai story?

Posted on July 27, 2007 at 06:20:20 PM by Richard

One Saturday at Bpt the Bud girls were at the fronton to model leather jackets for Wilson leather goods. The idea was to have a player and a bud girl walk together, through the audience, in between games, each wearing the leather jackets. Churruca asks me if I want to go out there and walk with he bud girls. These girls were hot. He said I had to be ready right after the game or he would pick someone else. Well I wanted to shower and get cleaned up for the girls. I was in post two,with Douglas ..I think. We win a few points and I immediatly get in the shower, Douglas is keeping me posted on if we're coming up. A few fast points later we're on deck, I'm just getting out of the shower. I just put on my shirt, pants, sneakers, no time for socks and underwear.I think I still had soap in my hair. We win the game and I'm ready to go. If Churruca ever came out of his office during the game I would have been screwed. No luck with the Bud girls, I might as well have not showered.


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