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Re(3): What's your funniest Jai alai story?

Posted on July 26, 2007 at 11:32:54 PM by SCOTT

This was in Miami about 1989 and chaz was playing there at the time. I was playing with jackie and I think chaz was paying with kent maybe anyway Chaz caught the book on the right side on the outside of the court and all the sudden all the lights went out in the fronton. The next thing I know is a hear the ball it the front wall. Now you have to realize its pitch black and you cannot see a thing. We all hit the deck for our lives. When the lights came back on I said to Chaz what the hell are you doing he said I was making sure I won the point. I do not know to this day what the heck he was thinking but I remember lying on the floor for my life LOL


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