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Re(6): What's your funniest Jai alai story?

Posted on July 28, 2007 at 10:47:24 PM by ex pelotari

One day i had to play a game as a sub,and Javier [ex tampa star] was my partner in post 6. While i was waiting for that game,i was watching t.v, and when i switched the channel to see what game was playing, i saw Javier walking off the practice in post 6,and i thoght, god i missed my practice. So i took off running,so i could make it to the parade, and i made it. I went to salute the crowd and i noticed that everybody in the audience was laughing,then as i turned around i saw Francisco and Javier behind me in post 6. I was in the wrong game! and of course knowing Franky, he didn't say nothing and he let me go to the parade with them. I think is funny now, but at the time i was embarrased.

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