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Posted on July 30, 2007 at 11:19:12 AM by Playerswife

blame it on us... you are thinking about it now with the reunion coming up. Edward gets all sentimental about it too- he was SO done when he first got hurt- there was a lot of painfull accusations and law suits. But after two surgeries on his wrist he had to face the reality that he could NEVER play again for real medical reasons- that big scar on his wrist is a constant reminder that he never got to leave on his own terms and he will never get that closure. But half of his love was the friendships that were made and so we invite you all to our home- you know how he feels about you guys- there is a bond you all share that nobody will ever understand. 3 more weeks, you will find that connection again.. see ya then! (oh and sorry Eddie didnt call you back. He got caught up in other stuff that night)

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