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Orlando season end and some players

Posted on March 30, 2007 at 01:10:43 AM by Jim

Well...just two days left, and there are so many scratches lately! Ignacio, Odriozola, Gino and Gallardo. I'll be going on Friday and Saturday nights, and I'll give a report. I'm going to miss the live jai alai...it's really been fun, especially in the late games!

Now...word is (from what I heard, but mind you...just what I heard!) that Gallardo has already left for Miami, and I believe it as well, though can't say for sure. It's just as well, because he's given up anyway, for the past month or more. In fact, he's won just 1 game in his last almost 70 games played! I've never seen a player throw in the towel so fast. Only way to describe it, is pathetic effort. And you know what? I had huge respect for his game and his finesse, and what he accomplished last season, but after this season, never again will I feel that way. I wish some of you could see what he's done, intentionally, of late.

Now I know he'll get back in the groove at Miami, simply because he has no choice, but to see him just throw ball after ball too high, on the wood, or to the floor on go for broke whatever has been pure junk. He's been a virtual leave out in any game, and it's made it easier to win

He is not injured. He just does not care.

On the flip side, MUCHO to Marku for dramatic improvement! He plays so hard in every point...and it's been nice seeing him win a number of games the past month. CONGRATS!

Thank goodness for the great frontcourters we have here in Barronio, Olabe, Aperri, and the breakout year for Laurent! I'd have to say, my overall favorite is Olabe. On his worst day, he wins a game or two, and his singles play has just been SIZZLING lately! Aperri is having his most consistent and strong season ever, and so is Laurent.

Elizalde is going to run away with backcourt wins, now that Odriozola is scratched, though Tommy is close behind, Tommy has really fallen off his forehand, and now he throws it has a half forehand (injury perhaps?) His left side is still strong, though. Gino made a huge surge, but is also scratched of late.

More to come on Friday and Saturday!


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