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Drama for your Mama!!!

Posted on March 30, 2007 at 11:49:46 PM by fp


My ears are ringing all the way out west. I get a net connection and what do I see? I see a potential Hall of Fame candidate post...YES!!!!


...my opinion:

Did Howard Cosell ever step in the ring to trade punches with Ali?

Did Sam (Ace) Rothman (not his real name and neither is the Tangiers) ever throw a pass, swing a bat or ride a horse in order to handicap sporting events?

Of course not.


...I have sat and watched a full night of jai-alai with Jim, on more than one occasion.

The man is like a computer. Not only does he have a nose for the numbers; he has an uncanny ability to watch a night of games, make a few squiggly notations on his program (which he does buy), have a few drinks (and lunch somtimes) and dress well while doing all this (he MUST have a very organized closet)...AND THEN...

...he can get on the net and report on a whole nights play. How many times the game went round, who made good plays, who stunk out the joint and literally give a complete account of the action.

I have watched a whole night of jai alai and then RE-LIVED the entire night, AGAIN (highs and lows) by reading Jim's post.

Is his opinion included in his report? Of course. That's what makes it 'Jim's' post. He will often say, "...in my opinion...blah blah blah". BUT in my humble opinion; the man seems to know an awful lot about the game.

And lastly: he walks out of the joint with his pockets (usually) a lot fuller than when he walks in. I can PERSONALLY vouch for that (I HATE HIM!!!!) Someone who can do that as often as he does, well then...Gotta know a few things, wouldn't you say?

Now, if you could only point me to the GOOD craps tables...lol.

Jim for President!

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