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Re(1): Fans and 'fans'

Posted on March 30, 2007 at 05:41:39 PM by Sandra

I agree with you 100%, Luis. There will always be nasty people in the audience which never helps the sport it only drives other good people away. These days, I see many people at the fronton who don't know the basics about the sport or how to bet. There is no doubt that they know exactly where to get the beers and eventually they realize that it is okay to yell profanity at the players. They opt out on the $1.25 program which tells them about the sport and the players. They go straight to getting wasted and yelling. I was sitting in front of three, very drunk, young men the other night and all I heard was profanity but the funny thing is they didn't even know the name of the players they were yelling at. They used descriptive names 'fatty' or 'shorty' or called the player by the color of his jersey "hey yellow you suck". How intelligent is that?

I enjoy talking to Jim as well as reading his posts even when I go to most of the same performances as he does. I don't always agree with everything Jim says but that is what makes us human. We hear and see things differently. His opinions are exactly that 'his opinions'. I much rather have one Jim at Orlando Jai-alai than his equivalent in dollars which would probably be about 50 to 60 drunk college students betting $2.00 per game. I'm not saying that young people are not good for the sport. What I am saying is I prefer to hear an intelligent comment over the trash that some of these people think is necessary to say to a player. Jim does care about the players and he respects them as well. He knows the potential of each player and expects more from the players because he has been watching them for many years. He points out when they are playing well and when they did not perform to their fullest. How is he supposed to know that a player has a bad basket or injured. 99% of the audience doesn't know that and almost all of them don't care anyway.

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