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Posted on March 30, 2007 at 12:29:03 PM by Perry

It's true that often players are out there on the court when they are less than 100% physically, and sometimes what looks to the fan like a lack of effort is really decreased physical ability due to injury or illness. However, since the fans are not advised when players are playing sick or hurt, the players who are playing sick or hurt need to realize that the uninformed fans only see HOW they perform, and not WHY. Fans, especially those who have wagered on the games, expect solid effort from ALL players, and will express their displeasure with players who appear to be giving less than 100%. That's part of being a pro athlete, until the comments get personal....which unfortunately they sometimes do. Nobody should have to put up with personal insults. If a player is playing hurt, and he's getting ridden by some fans, he should be able to let it go by realizing that the fans don't know the reason for his performance.

There are also the total idiots who just like to yell insults at the players, period. In my opinion, such customers should be shown the door....but that's not likely to happen these days, unless the abuse is REALLY bad, because the house needs every dollar.


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