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Posted on March 30, 2007 at 11:29:12 AM by Jim

Well said, Perry. Me (and a few other fans who post here) have always wondered one thing...ONE THING: Why the hell is it you can not criticize any jai alai player, yet in EVERY OTHER SPORT, the pros take criticism, TEN TIMES WORSE, from the media, on TELEVISION even, moreso than anything that I have even remotely stated here.

If some players don't like me, then fine. If they saw how much I financially supported the live jai alai season, they'd thank me...lol. I don't hate any players...why should I?

I absolutely love jai alai. To me, there is no other nicer sport or more beautiful sport to watch, when played well. I do not love lame effort, and a few players have been very lame in their effort...the ones who are NOT injured. I support the live Orlando season unlike any other on a consistent basis, and the players I've complimented, like Tommy, Olabe, Aperri, Barronio, Odriozola, Elizalde, Sierra I, Sierra II, among others, they deserve it...always 100% effort and trying hard. It's those players, and many others who make it all worth it.


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