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Posted on March 30, 2007 at 06:43:21 AM by Kenny

Jim, do you really think that Tommy might be hurt? I mean he only holds his shoulder after throwing every right side. Very astute on your part.

Tommy really is a warrior. He had never played backcourt before this season and though in pain almost the entire three months, continues to win both singles and doubles games at a 18 percent clip....second only to Barronio, I might add. He's not trying to throw a soft picada back from the 13 line - he's simply trying to hit the front wall...anywhere!

Gino has a bad knee so you might not see him this weekend. Gallardo is getting a suntan in Miami,he's done. And Larru played 56 games this season to collect a paycheck and will return to Dania. Good Luck in Dania Larru.


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