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Re(3): Really

Posted on March 30, 2007 at 11:39:00 AM by Willie

Since you have played previously, and we have been told that over and over again, let me give you an example of Jim's informative posts.

Robles, a big fan of Jim's from his informative posts, is on the downside of a long career. He started the season with little practice, his fault no doubt. The first month it was a struggle for Robles to hit the front wall on the few serves he made each performance.

On one point we have a rebote coming out to Robles at about the 5-6 line and its plastered against the side wall. Robles has to take this on his right, he has no choice. He tries awkardly to somehow flip the rebote to the front, knowing the discomfort he will be in. He did make an effort, although not successful.

The informative post that you read mentioned that Robles is a disgrace and does not try.

I'm not protecting Robles, in fact, he is one of my least favorite performers.

The point is that yes, Jim is entitled to his opinion, but others are as well and how about a THANK YOU to those that might mention that the informative posts you read and enjoy, may not be so informative.


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