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Re(2): Really

Posted on March 30, 2007 at 10:12:09 AM by napoleon complex

Give me a break Kellyaga. Jim's value-add to this board is tremendous. You have narrow vision and are only concerned with being liked in the locker room, where you happen to have a locker yourself. I don't know Jim personally, but based on his unbiased comments, I highly doubt he gives a rats a$$ what the players think about him. He makes logical comments with the information that he is provided and with keen observation. Just because you know that Tommy's right arm is about to fall off doesn't make you any more astute to the level of play and to the amount of effort that is being put forth. (btw, thanks Tommy for busting your rear this entire season!).

What would we rather see on this board? Someone providing the best description possible of what transpires here at Orlando or you defending players and making comments like "that is right" and "you are correct."

Signed Napolean


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