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Re(2): Really

Posted on March 30, 2007 at 09:41:41 AM by sellersII

why is it wrong for Jim to give a fans perspective? If you look at most of the great sports analysts they have not played the sports they opine on. I think you allow your friendship with players effect your judgment. I enjoy jim's opinions and take them for that his personal observations. Jai Alai players (now I know this is a hard concept to accept) are professional athletes they get paid to perform and open to criticism and critique on their playing styles and effort. They are no different than football or baseball players. This is not little league where we need to worry about hurting someone's feelings. If jim feels someone doesn't give an effort or makes a stupid play than it is his right to go to the highest mt. and scream his opinions. It is your right not to read his posts. Jai Alai players are open to criticism on their games NOT ON THEIR PERSONAL LIVES.


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