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More Ocala Crazy Moments

Posted on February 16, 2007 at 01:26:17 PM by Sandra

I was at Ocala in the early 90s when a tornado went through the area during a matinee. They asked everyone including the players to move to the right side of the building because the left side of the building was being ripped apart. The power went out but somehow the damage was minimal. I'm sure anyone in attendance that day still remembers the incident.

Pelotas come out of the screen all the time at Ocala and Ft. Pierce. The first time it happened to me at Ocala it came close to hitting me. A player came up to the screen and told be to try to push it back through one of the holes on the screen. He would point to different ones that seemed big enough for the ball to fit back through. Of course, my attempts did not work but he and many others found it very humorous. I don't remember who the player was but it was a lesson I had to eventually learn like many other fans before me.


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