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Crazy things at Ocala

Posted on February 16, 2007 at 10:26:16 AM by Bennett

I saw the following...

1. A pelota went thru the screen and landed in about the fourth row. No one was in the seat or near it. The ball went through a hole in a very high part of the screen.

2. An older gentleman died during a performance. No one noticed until after the last game. Everyone cleared out and he was still sitting there. No word on whether he got overly excited from the great play or bored to death due to lackluster play.

3. Aramayo threw a ball at the ref. There was a dispute over a call that went against Aramayo. It was made by the front judge. So next time up Aramayo catches the serve and throws left side WAY wide, right at the ref. The ball landed well on the wood and was thrown with full force. The ref said "Ha ha, you missed me." Then Aramayo went up to him and they were face to face almost yelling and almost coming to blows. It was clear that Aramayo had thrown the ball at him, no doubt about it. To me this just proved what I knew....that Aramayo was a disgrace and a hothead with an overly inflated ego. And the fans who bet him that game suffered too as he essentially threw the point away due to his rage. Not to mention had he hit the ref he could have severely injured or killed him.


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