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Warren Hoey at the Citrus!

Posted on February 16, 2007 at 01:37:58 PM by Jody C.

For those that were at the Citrus that a few years ago, nuff said...

A contingent of CT people were coming down, friends and fans of Hoey. Hoey was hurting, and playing poorly to that point. He had been getting booed and heckled a bit to that point.

Well after another point he missed Hoey took off his cesta and threw at the screen towards the crowd!

Now Ive been going to jai alai for since the early 80's on a regular basis, and been in packed houses before, but,, Everyone and I mean Everyone was booing Hoey as loud as they could, I dont have a problem saying I was joining in on it. It was a stupid thing todo. Well, woulndt you know it Hoey and his partner had were up on deck to come up again! The crowd already was starting to boo Hoey as he was waiting to come up. I believe the if game point had won, he wouldnt have had to come out, But, there he goes out and the crowd went nuts again! I mean long and loud throughout the point.

If he hadnt done what he did, you could have felt sorry for him. I believe he got a 2 week suspension for that, and essetially that ended his career at Orlando and everywhere else.

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