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Re(1): can you explain that, XPRO?

Posted on February 17, 2007 at 06:15:45 PM by XPRO

The first time I saw it was in Melbourne in the early 80's. It was second round action and the team that was supposed to be on the court was probobly in the locker room either thinking they had more time or maybe thought the game was over. When they came out and looked at the rotation on the board they realized what happened. Only a few people in the crowd said something but the game continued and they sat back down and waited their turn again. The other time was in Orlando and the crowd went crazy after they realized a certain team missed their turn. Once again the game continued on. I believe the state got involved both times after the fact. Players leave the cage to get water or for cesta problems and injuries so it's the player managers job to keep track of the rotation so it won't happen. A good anouncer would also catch something like that before it happens.

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