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Posted on April 21, 2007 at 02:52:23 AM by david II

here are some players quotes I heard over the years.....

Egurbi-player Manager- "If you are betting om Jai-Alai you are not watching the game of Jai-Alai, you are watching your investment"

Beitia (player manager Tampa)- have fun and relax.

Francisco Ansotegui- "He is a Jai-Alai player" on the level of play of Mendieta, Insausti who never amounted to better than early game players.

Giles Ellis- "you have jobs forever" to replacement players during the strike, that were replaced the following yaer

"You dont have the strength to play the game at a pro level" to me by Howard Kalik.

"There is nothing more upsetting than when fans say he in the mood to play" Ricardo Solaun

Ondarres- "dont try and impress me, because you cant"

"I dont care that you won the Us Amateur 2 years in a row, it comes down to whether I like you or not if you are going to play professional:" Frank Duffin to me.

any that you can remember?


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