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Posted on April 23, 2007 at 09:45:47 PM by Teacher

David, as one pro to another, you should know which posts were life meaningful and which were not. From my posts on Frank Duffin, you should be able to hone in on both the caring and business sides of management. As I closed my original post, maybe I didn't stress the lessons, good & bad, that Buddy Berenson, Pedro Mir, Frank Duffin, Richard Donovan and WJA management taught me. It was very valuable after jai-alai. It was like being raised by more than one father. Like all kids, I didn't always agree with the outcome, but I wasn't mature enough to decide best.

Allowed to sit in on several meetings and take a role listening to management, I know my own dad, widowed and working 2 jobs, respected and appreciated the help he had in raising a young son. I probably could have turned out a lot worse.


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