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Posted on April 22, 2007 at 11:14:55 PM by Iparaldekoa

Frank Duffin seems to be full of famous quotes. Teacher I am sure you will appreciate this one.

I was in contract negotiations with WJA during 1981 and at the end of Ft Pierce season, 'good old Frankie' came to Ft Pierce. During one of the last performances of the season I am called to the PM office and there sat Duffin. We start talking numbers again, he points to a pair of broken reading glasses on the desk and tells me:

"Babe, I cannot even buy me new glasses so how can I give you more money?"

And the most memorable quote I ever heard during my Jai Alai life:

"Lo que sale de aqui, lo perdeis aqui"

Translation to follow but let me set up the moment.

This was 1978.
Ft Pierce Jai Alai locker room. Alfredo Garcia talking to a room full of players.
There was about 20 of us, all first timers to the US.
We all had been summoned to practice on our day off and ordered to stay in the locker room until 'THE SPEECH'. Alfredo was furious.
Ranting and raving like only he could.
He yelled for about 30 minutes and then came 'the moment' when he said:

"What comes out of here (pointing at his crotch), you lose it here (hitting his legs)".

I guess all of us had been partying a little to much and enjoying all the groupies (sorry ladies) and our performances on the court showed it.


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