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Re(1): clearification

Posted on April 23, 2007 at 02:56:57 PM by david II

I wanted to share my intial post with the group because it is funny. Any of us could be guilty of the same thing. It looks like the original thread is turning to the darker side of the game, which was not my intention, like venting of a sort. For the record all these statements are accurate, but it should be known that I am greatful to Frank Duffin and World Jai-Alai for giving me an opportunnity to play in their frontons. World Jai-Alai Management had many great people who contributed greatly to the success in its hey-day! I think Alfredo Garcia really drove people to be better, I think Dave Lemmon is a class act. Marty, Kevin are all unsung heroes as to their contribution to the game. This sport is unmatched in every way. I had left the pro ranks in 94, and then they said Jai-Alai was finished. For a sport that has been dying, it strange that they have opened 2 frontons in the last couple of years. When the circumstances are in line Jai-Alai will be back full force. we just have to catch a break! I remember when South Beach was desolate and ran down, have you seen it lately? Keep the faith.


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