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Posted on April 21, 2007 at 02:57:26 PM by Teacher

Frank Duffin-"We didn't tell you go out and start a family, babe" (Said to me after explaining the hardship of moving my family from Miami to Hartford)

Buddy Berenson-""You didn't seem very interested, so I gave it to somebody else." (Said to me after asking the wherabouts of a new contract he had promosed me for Ocala's 1st season.)

Alfredo Garcia-"No, I need you to go to Hartford, finish in October, have 2 months off and come back to Miami strong and fresh!" (Said to me after requesting to go to Ft. Pierce instead of Hartford, so I agreed, came back to Miami and then was transferred out by Alfredo anyway)

Richard Donovan-"OK what is it that you want to do? Tell me what you would like." (Asked to me in order to break up arguement between Duffin and myself; Donovan honored my request)

Frank Duffin-"We didn't tell you to go out and buy a new house, babe." (Said to me after explaining I had just bought my 1st house and was being told I was being transferred out)

Frank Duffin-"Well, I guess there was nothing I could do, I already filled your spot." (Said to me after requesting some way to work out a plan so I could stop commuting and stay in one place or maybe stop playing)

Giles Ellis-"You have my verbal word" (Said to me after voicing concern over contract guarantee after severe injury sustained without formal contract signing having taken place yet; he honored it 100% with full pay)

Pedro Mir-"I want to see you in my office tomorrow at 11 am." (Said to many players, me included after a poor night on the court; you didn't sleep a wink, trembing in bed all night)

Pedro Mir-"In the practice, I only want to see you serving the pelota." (Said to Pierre after overserving on every serve 2 straight games; the crowd roasting Pierre everytime he practiced serving)

Epifanio-"I can't do it the way you want me to." (Rebelliously said by me in frustration to a great teacher)

Almorza-"Let the serve go by. I'm going to throw my remate" (Said to me standing on the back wall and going out and watching 'Al' throw the ball straight out to the wood; uh, he didn't have a remate)

Carl Eller-"What do I do with this?" (inquired to me by the legendary Minnesota Viking defensive great about his thumb after putting his hand into a cesta glove and there was only room for 4 fingers, thumb just sticking out; he was in Miami for Pro Bowl 1975 & brought out to the court to try and hit the front wall...my arms couldn't fit around him to show him how)

Frank Duffin-"You tell the hospital to do whatever they have to do to take care of your baby, expense is no concern" (Said to me after almost losing my daughter due to sleep apnea after being born)

H. Paul Rico-" Don't ever forget we're all one big family here, it will always be that way" (Said to me by Rico with Scotch and water in hand at season ending party)

Frank Duffin-"You'll always be a part of the family, babe." (Said to me during contract renewal session)

Jose Arregui-"Next time leave your house earlier." (Said to me when protesting to him a fine I received for arriving late to fronton after car broke down and calling him every 15 minutes to update him as was his rules so as not to get a fine)

Jose Arregui-"There's no future in jai-alai anymore" (Said to me upon announcing to him I was retiring)

David II-"You're NOTHINNNGGGG!!!" (Yelled at many superstar players, not mattering if he won or lost the game; to his credit he never showed me any disrespect)

OK I know you had to be there for some of these, but what great lessons in life! A real preparation for life after playing! There are too many more to bore you with.


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